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Skyhark in a nutshell What we do

Software Development

We ain't scared touching software development subjects such as machine learning, blockchain technology. Our passion lies with everything web and mobile related, including DevOps.

Bussiness ROI

We analyze every project as a different use case to maximize the ROI for your business. Our experiences and knowledge together provide in an adapted and valuable result.

Innovative Thinkers

We provide innovative solutions to your complicated technical issues through impeccable engineering and design.

Featured Projects Latest Projects

Core Server Home Page
Core Server Documentation
Core Server Command Line
Core Server


Core Server is our in-house standard and global project structure for our javascript/web platforms projects. It is very modular as it includes a plugin based system. We open sourced as it may help other developers facing the same problems of reinventing things on every project.

Visit Core-Server

Choose your required service from here Services We Provide

Web Design

  • Personalised design
  • Multiple prototypes
  • Responsive Web Design


  • Web & Mobile
  • Financial platforms
  • Innovative solutions

Web Maintenance

  • Server Maintainance
  • System Management
  • Performance monitoring


  • Kubernetes containerization
  • SSL + Anti DDOS Protection
  • Mailing and Database setup

Project Management

  • Strategy Development
  • Project Iterations
  • Issues Tracking

Brand Awerness

  • Brand development
  • Social Marketing
  • SEO

Skyhark Who are we

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Skyhark is based in Belgium, Brussels. Founded by Sacha Vandamme in 2016 and grew with connections all over the world to help distribute and create your next project! Developers have created worthy platforms for enourmous amount of users either on mobile or the web.



Technologies used in our projects

Not all of them are listed, and we are still eager to learn even more.

  • MySQL, MongoDB
  • NodeJS
  • VueJS
  • Blockchain Technologies
  • Machine Learning
  • Swift and xCode
  • Bootstrap & jQuery
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • SASS & sass
  • PHP

People Who cares Core Team

Picture Sacha Vandamme

Sacha Vandamme

CEO & Main Developer
Picture Mathieu Magalhaes

Mathieu Magalhaes

Software & Web Developer

Skyhark Connected To The Worlds

Launcing Apps

Launching Websites


Trust Building



Skyhark delivers a full package for your IT needs.

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